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We are recruiting Team 2022!

Application deadline Sunday, September 3rd 2021, 23:59

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The hybrid team is responsible for developing and testing a hybrid rocket engine from scratch with a goal of making our rocket reach about 10 000 meters above sea level when complete. That is no simple task, and there is still a lot to do before lift-off. Therefore, the hybrid team is looking for new members to be part of our great project for the coming schoolyear and beyond.


Last year we focused on creating the infrastructure for successful and user-friendly testing of the motor, such as a permanent test site and a test bench to mention a few. We have also spent considerable time on developing the burn chamber and the fuel that goes in it.The first objective for the coming year is to finalize the last preparations before we can finally test the engine for the very first time. This means that new recruits will be able to take part in reaching a major milestone for our organization!By being a project in research and development, few things are predetermined.


Building a rocket engine is very much a multidisciplinary project and can be divided in to three main subsystems; the oxidizer-, the burn- and the ground system which you can read more about here. When developing the hearth of the rocket, it is also important to have an understanding about how rockets work in general when developing the final flight hardware. This is ensured by workshops and collaboration with the other groups in the main project, especially the groups working on the inner and outer structure of the rocket, but also the avionics team.


If doing actual rocket science (and flames) sounds exciting to you, don’t hesitate to apply. We are eager to read your submission! If you have any questions, please let us know.Finally, it is important to underline that prior experience or knowledge is advantageous, but not a requirement. Willingness and effort are the most important factors.

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The multifunctional cutting-edge simulator
Launching Propulse to the apogee of high-powered experimental rocketry

Penumbra is the self-developed rocket simulator of Propulse, prevailing where the standard solutions fall short, to keep Propulse at the cutting edge of simulation technology and experimental rocket design.

Among the capabilities are accurate trajectory prediction at transonic and supersonic speeds, design optimization of aerodynamic structures, development and testing of physical hardware in a simulated environment, advanced fluid mechanics using numerical methods, and stochastic analysis.


As a research and development project, you will have a lot of influence over what direction to move the project in. Penumbra has a strong foundation with well documented previous research, available open source simulators as sources of inspiration and / or modules, and passionate mentors and other rocketry teams happily sharing their experience.

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