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Project Mjølner
Team 2020

Team 2020 of Propulse were to compete in the SRAD 30K class of Spaceport America Cup 2020. The goal was to integrate the ongoing hybrid-project into the competing rocket, called Mjølner. This required a complete restructuring of the organization to develop the rocket, which would stand around 5 meters tall and 18cm wide when finished. The rocket was designed to reach supersonic speeds with 5000N of thrust over 8 seconds, utilizing nitrous oxide and paraffin wax as fuel. Mjølner featured many SRAD components, such as a five layered PCB-stack. All components and subsystems were attached to a modular load bearing skeleton structure of aluminium, allowing for quick parallel development of components and subsystems.



The payload was a reaction wheel experiment, investigating the development of a control system that would manipulate the orientation of a free standing body. This type of system is often used in satellites. 

Due to delayed development of the SRAD engine, the team changed to compete in the 30K COTS class with an Cesaroni Pro150 engine. This downscaled the size of the rocket substantially. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rocket was never finished - despite many of the parts being produced.  

Mjølner mission patch
Project Mjølner
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