We are recruiting Team 2022!

Application deadline Sunday, September 3rd 2021, 23:59



The mechanical group is responsible for designing, building and testing the actual hardware of the rocket. You'll be working with modelling, analysis, production, and testing. All members will be given a intro level course for the necessary tools and technologies (CAD, FEM, Production, so on).




  • Conceptualize new designs.

  • Design components for production using CAD.

  • Analyse components and systems using FEM, CFD and other simulation methods.

  • Create representative prototypes for testing designs during development.

  • Plan and execute testing for verification and validation of design.

  • Iterate and optimize existing designs for weight, complexity, and other paramaters.

  • Cooperate on a collective project over multiple groups.

  • Have fun building rockets!

Here is some further information on the groups within Mechanical:

Mechanical fits perfectly for anyone who is studying or has competence within mechanical engineering, civil engineering, physics & mathematics, fluid dynamics, material engineering, aerospace engineering, or similar fields.

Expected workload is on average 20 hours per week.

Inner structure

As a member of inner structure, your responsibility is the inner workings of the rocket. There are many sub-systems and components that all need to be dealt with in a way that considers the rocket's structural integrity, stability during flight, as well as the available real estate. To end up with a system that takes this into account, you and your team will expand on materials and processing options, 3D-modeling , structural analysis, physical testing and structural simulations. Inner structure will cooperate closely with the other mechanical teams, since they are all highly interconnected.



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