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Project Birkeland

Birkeland is the name of the rocket Propulse NTNU built in 2022. It launched and competed in the 30'K COTS class at Spaceport America Cup 2022 in NM, USA.

The project started in late summer of 2021 with planning, and the complete design concept was completed in winter of 2022. It was fully built and launched in june 2022, before being safely recovered and returned to Norway.

Apogee: 9014m
Max velocity: 1.5 Mach (1850 km/h)
0-100 km/h in 0,21 s

Rocket performance stats

Project 2023
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Project 2023

Creating a bi-liquid rocket

Each year, we design, build, test and launch a high-powered rocket. In the last two years we have been in the forefront of student rocketry in the world, competing with solid motor rockets. Building on that experience, we are now going bigger…


For our next project, Propulse will design, produce, test and launch our first ever rocket with a bi-propellant liquid engine. Head over to our Project 2023 page to learn more!

Upcoming events

23. january

Preliminary Design Review

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Contact us


Klæbuveien 153,

7037 Trondheim,


Bachelor / Master Thesis

Would you like to write your thesis at Propulse NTNU? Send us an e-mail! We have already made a list of suggested topics, but you are free to make your own suggestions as well.

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