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Join the engine development team at Propulse NTNU!

We are currently looking for a few new members to join the hybrid project. The project aims to develop a hybrid rocket engine which will be used to power the rest of our rocket in international competitions further down the road. The engine will deliver an estimated 5 000 newtons for 8 seconds to lift the rocket about 10 000 meters above sea level when complete.


Join the team developing the most iconic and arguably the most important and exciting part of any rocket and prepare for an experimental semester involving lots of testing, good times, challenges and probably flames.


Read more about the hybrid project

Read more about our different subsystems

Because of the projects nature, only students currently enrolled in Trondheim is considered for our open positions, which are:


Software Engineer

As a software engineer for the hybrid group, you will be tasked with software development for the hybrid motor and its testing equipment. This means controlling all the valves and other systems and collecting sensor data from the motor while testing.  

Some knowledge of programming is essential, and some knowledge within communication protocols (i.e. TCP/IP) and datalogging is also a plus.

Electrical engineer

As an electrical engineer for the hybrid group, you will be tasked with hands-on electrical work. This includes working with sensors, relays, and power systems, fixing cables as well as seeing solutions on the electromechanical things, including valves. 


Hands-on experience is more important than theoretical knowledge for this position.


One of the most important factor for any position in the hybrid team is the ability to take initiative and be self-driven. As this is a project currently in research and development, the right candidate should be comfortable with trial and error and being able to look for new solutions when necessary. As with all positions within the hybrid project, everyone is expected to get involved in other sides of the project and initiate and help solve problems not directly related to your own field.

Please do not hesitate to send any question regarding what we do, the positions or if you want to grab a coffee. Inquiries can be sent to

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