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Do you want to be in charge for next year's team? Board admissions and group leader positions are currently open!

Apply by 26/03 23:59



  • Be the leader and face of Propulse NTNU at events, interviews and meetings

  • Lead the board to good organizational, technical and monetary decisions

  • Stay updated on the organization and it’s projects to fulfill the goals you are a part of setting


Deputy Chairman/Chairwoman

  • Making sure the organization moves forward and being active in all our activities

  • Planning, board meetings, organizing events, and collaboration with other Technical Organizations

  • Taking initiative and action on areas we can improve in Propulse


CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

  • Keeping a dialogue with the sponsor's marketing teams

  • Collaborating and leading your own marketing team

  • Attending space industry events all over the world

  • Managing the production of the project merch

  • Planning events


CFO - Chief Financial Officer

  • Ensuring that the finances of Propulse NTNU are sustainable and healthy

  • Budget planning

  • Financial reporting

  • Management of sponsor correspondence

  • Overview of contracts and renewal of existing agreements

Anders arbeid 2.jpg

CTO - Chief Technical Officer

  • Set up the initial technical framework for the project

  • Plan and manage that the project is technically ready within the set time

  • Keep oversight of all the technical disciplines

  • Work closely with discipline leaders to ensure that the technical requirements, progress and performance needs is met by all systems

  • Plan team-wide technical timeline, technical reviews and documentation

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