How to apply

At Propulse we are running multiple projects at the same time. If you are wondering what the difference between the projects are, head over to the about page for an explanation. 

You apply by filling out the form associated with the project you want to join. After handing in the application, you can expect to hear from us after the application deadline 30th of august. If we think you are a good fit for Propulse, you will be called in for an interview, so we can get a better view of who you are, and what you will contribute with for the project. After all the suitable applicants have been interviewed, the lucky among you will be admitted to Propulse team 2021! Good luck!

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R&D Hybrid Engine

Join the development of a 5000 newton hybrid engine!

Rocket Project

Join the competitive rocket project, and participate in the worlds largest intercollegiate rocketry challenge!

R&D Penumbra

Join the development of a 6-DOF simulator and flight analysis package!