How we work

To make students able to develop and build a rocket in a short time span requires a robust plan with a robust team structure. The team is built up around the systems of the rocket, splitting the team in cross-disciplinary sub-teams called system groups consisting of members from many different studies. Throughout the project the system groups will continually communicate and synchronize through weekly meetings, presentations, and documentation. The development process follows the principles of concurrent engineering.

The average time span for a project is nine months, and is filled to the brim with activities that ensure the highest productivity and learning for the members, while maintaining the lowest risk and financial cost for the organization. The support of our partners ensures that the project can keep a fast pace throughout these nine months.


Research & Development

There are many opportunities for students to take on a larger projects and challenges that does not fit within the time frame of a competition. These projects are given a environment and resources in Propulse NTNU where they can be developed and reach a mature level before being implemented in a mission specific rocket. All projects are done by dedicated members of Propulse NTNU.



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