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Propulse NTNU

Propulse NTNU is a rocketry project for students, by students at NTNU. Through Propulse NTNU students gain unique hands-on experiences with advanced engineering projects by designing, developing, and building high powered rockets. Click here to learn more.



Check out the companies and institutions that makes Propulse NTNU possible, and how your company can benefit.


The Rocket Project

Each year we design and build a rocket from scratch to compete in a competition. Our last rocket, called Birkeland, was made by team 2022 and competed in Spaceport America Cup 2022 this June, where it came 2nd in its class and 3rd overall.


Research & Development

Propulse has two R&D groups with long term projects. The Engine group, which is researching and developing hybrid and liquid rocket engines. The Penumbra group, which is researching and developing 3d simulation software.

Would you like to write your bachelor or master thesis at Propulse? Contact us here:


We have already made a list of suggested topics for a thesis. You are free to make own suggestions as well.