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Our Partners

Propulse NTNU would not be able to develop and launch a rocket if it wasn't for the amazing support the industry and faculties gives us.

We are very thankful for our partners and the many ways they support the project.





KONGSBERG is a leading global technology group, delivering mission-critical solutions to customers operating in extremely challenging environments. Throughout our proud two hundred year history, we have continuously advanced, applying innovative solutions to the needs of our customers, partners and society at large.
Today, we work for organisations across a number of sectors including: deep-sea, digital, defence, merchant marine, oil and gas, fisheries, aerospace and space industries. While our business areas are diverse, our focus is single-minded, we operate as a 11,000 strong team, dedicated to delivering technical excellence, at a world-class level.


Innovation Partners


Radionor Communications AS was founded in Trondheim, Norway, in 2000. The company has since been a supplier of high performance tactical broadband data links based on phased array technology. We offer a complete product family for mobile units; on ground, at sea, in the air, manned and unmanned. With this unique technology, sending voice, images, video, telemetry and location data over long distances, is made possible. It enables better situational awareness in both military and non-military operations.


Project Partners

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering


NCAB Group


Industry Partners

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Trondheim Stål


Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt


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